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TOP 10 Reasons Denver Is A Great Place to Live!

Denver is a great place to live!

Union Station in Downtown Denver

DENVER IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE ….top 10 reasons why.

There are a number of top ten lists around the country but for Denver, the weather, the location, the people, the sports, the beer, the green chili…these are the reasons why Denver is a great place to live.

1) 300 days of sunshine: Breakout the sunblock. Being a mile high, Denver averages more annual hours of sunshine than San Diego or Miami! Perfect for enjoying the outdoor activities all year round.Denver Weather Stats
2) Proximity to the Great Outdoors, Natures Playground: Denver is situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Mount Evans is 14,271-foot (4,350 m) fourteener which is visible from Denver to Castle Rock and can be seen even as far north as Fort Collins. There are a number of great day hikes near Denver, many with camping spots and mountain biking trails. If you prefer skiing, then Colorado will amaze you with over 21 world class ski areas to choose from; many only a few hours from Denver. Whether you enjoy rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, fly fishing, photographing nature, soaking in hot springs, hiking or climbing…Colorado is the ideal playground.
3) Thriving Downtown Arts & Entertainment Districts: If you are in the mood for a Broadway musical or a world-class play the Denver Center for Performing Arts offers an unforgettable theater experience. The downtown 16th street mall offers shopping, dining and the historic Paramount Theater, known for its Art Deco design and fabulous events. As you venture out from the mall, the 16th street free shuttle transports you into Lodo where shopping, dining and imbibing continues. At the base of 16th street, the pedestrian path takes you on a journey across three bridges leading to Confluence Park, Commons Park and Lohi where the fun continues. Don’t miss the Brewery walking tours through Rino Arts District. They are a great way to discover local breweries, craft breweries and fine local art! There are impressive museums throughout downtown and the entire City that are a must on any art or history buffs list.
4) Great Major League Sports Teams: Denver has seven professional sports teams. Whether you enjoy Denver Bronco football, Colorado Rookies baseball, Colorado Avalanche hockey, Denver Nuggets basketball, Denver Rapid’s soccer, Outlaws Lacrosse or Colorado Mammoth Box Lacrosse; there is a professional game going somewhere in town. Colorado fans love professional, collegiate, high school and pee wee sports teams.
5) International Airport with an awesome hotel: Not only does Denver International Airport have an impressive look with its multiple tented roof structure, it was was named “Best U.S. Airport for Art” in USA Today’s “10 Best Reader’s Choice” travel contest in 2013. DIA was noted as being pivotal in transforming airports into spaces with beautiful works of art, great restaurants, comfortable lounges and upscale shopping. Denver International Airport is the 15th-busiest airport in the world and the fifth-busiest airport in the United States. With the opening of the new Westin Denver International Airport hotel and conference center this hotel is destined to be one of Denver’s favorite venues for arts, entertainment and relaxation. The commuter rail service, operated by RTD, will be operational in April 2016, connecting the airport to Denver Union Station in just 35 minutes. DIA
6) The Best Breakfast Burritos hands down: Everyone in Denver has a favorite place to grab a breakfast burrito and there are too many lists to list! Never the less, I am going to go out on a limb and tell you my favorite spots to grab a delicious breakfast burrito around town. Santiagos with several Denver area locations, features $2 breakfast burritos made with their delicious homemade green chili ranging from hot (it will bring tears to your eyes) to mild or half and half…yum. La Abeja, located at 508 E Colfax Ave, near downtown and Capital Hill, serves in-expensive authentic burritos with a side of spicy green….one of my favorite places to grab a bite anytime of the day. Araujo’s located at 2900 W. 26th Avenue in Denver serves an amazing fresh breakfast burrito brimming with scrambled eggs, potatoes, green chilies and cheese with chef’s choice of bacon or sausage for the day. I recommend opting to have your burrito smothered in green chili and cheese….all this for only $2! I have to give a shout out for the Burrito Cart on the corner of 17th and Blake in downtown. Made to order right in front of you, she offers a few choices for breakfast but I recommend keeping it simple…the #6 with scrambled eggs, green chili and potatoes…great fresh flavor with a kick to it and only $3. Quijote’s Broadway on 1043 N Broadway serves up delicious and authentic Mexican fare but their chicken and avocado breakfast burrito is out of this world and priced at $3.99 – now that’s a deal.
7) Ever Growing Public Transit Options: Buses, light rail, the free 16th street mall shuttle, pedi cabs, car2go car sharing and the B-cycle bike sharing program all combine to make Denver’s public transportation system convenient and affordable. Denver’s RTD offers bus, light rail and airport transit service. Dedicated to helping riders navigate the City without need for a car. If you prefer to bike and don’t have one of your own you will love using one of the many red Trek bicycles available for sharing at 84 stations around Denver. As a member, you can pick up a B-cycle from any station and drop it off at any other station and rides under 30 minutes are free! Call 720-865-BIKE for information on the B-cycle program. If you prefer to drive, the Car sharing program by Car2go may be just what you are looking for. Check it out by clicking here:Car2Go
8) Amazing People who Live Here: Depending on who you ask, “Denver is a cow town, a sports Mecca, a utopian playground for Outback-driving, chai-drinking, fleece-wearing types.” See;5280 Magazine. But Denver is not just home to cowboys and people who like to ski, it is home to “many populations and demographics, people with differing political beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds and tastes in food, music, art and literature.” We’re a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. We’re activists, artists, musicians, legislators, business owners, educators, preservationists and families of all different shapes and sizes. Ask us for directions and we’ll probably tell you a story about our favorite restaurant that you’ll pass along the way. We wave and say hello to strangers on the street. 5280 article Gotta love Denver and all the great people who live here.
9) Red Rocks Rocks Park & Amphitheater: Located in the foothills, 6,450 feet above sea level, Red Rocks offers “868 acres of deer, dinosaurs, pines and prairie, geological wonders and spectacular vistas.” The Amphitheater is a geological phenomenon – the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world. The amphitheater itself consists of two, three hundred-foot monoliths (Ship Rock and Creation Rock) and has hosted such music greats as Sting and The Beatles, as well as world famous opera stars and U2. The amphitheater is considered one of the most iconic entertainment venues in the world and it is located right in Denver’s backyard! Red Rocks
10) We Have Colorado Beer: Colorado is named fourth out of 50 states in breweries per capita according to CNN. And while there are only a handful in Denver proper, there are loads of notable breweries outside town and in nearby Boulder. Neighborhoods like Platte Street and the Art District on Santa Fe are peppered with breweries. The historic Coors Brewery has long been renowned for its Golden Colorado location, though it is now known as MillerCoors. Visitors are invited to tour and taste traditional brewing in the Rocky Mountains! The brewery experience includes a 30-minute self-paced tour through our malting, brewing and packaging processes, sampling of Coors products in the Coors hospitality lounge. GQ, the Gentlemens’ Quarterly, named Denver as one of their top 5 Beer Cities in America, “ Welcome to Brewtown, U.S.A. Throngs of thirsty outdoorsmen, beer-friendly laws, and some of the country’s purest water have made the Mile-High City America’s craft-beer capital. Drinkers descend by the thousands in October for the Great American Beer Festival (the country’s largest), but the season lasts all year here, at beer-focused restaurants like Freshcraft and bars like Ale House at Amato’s, which has forty ever-changing taps. Colorado law lets brewers sell their beer on-site, keeping prices down and the start-up vibe alive in the state where craft brewing began. It also means you can drink right from the source.”GQ Obviously, Denver IS a great place to live, play and work!

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